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If you want to get in touch with me (PANCHO7532), we have several options for you *plays upbeat music*

I can write/talk in English and Spanish.

NOTE for Discord users: I'm not actively accepting friend requests straight away so send an e-mail/Telegram first notifying your username, reason and why I should add you, failure to do so will result on your request being declined/rejected in 2-3 days

NOTENOTE: I encourage you to read this and this before sending an technical (or not) question/bug report/inquire related to my projects. It'll be highly appreciated AND will make things easy for both of us on getting your thing working!

NOTENOTENOTE: These are the official contact channels where you can reach me (for business/corporate reasons) and where I will reach to you, disregard any other contact coming from anyone but these methods.

NOTENOTENOTENOTE: If you're contacting for one of these reasons:

You will be ignored and in most severe cases you'll be blocked. (and reported to the authorities in some cases?)

I can try to make friends and be one hell of an friend to you, but sadly these kind of people are a thing and I'm not going to tolerate that not even for one (1) second.

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